Environmental Protection Activities

Environmental Protection Activities

Health, labor and environmental protection is the highest priority of Isatay Operating Company LLP.

This priority implies the implementation of works in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as at the world standards level and best practices in the oil and gas industry in the area of health, safety, environmental protection.    

Planning its activities in the Caspian Sea area, a particularly sensitive ecological zone, Isatay Operating Company LLP understands that the successful management of health, safety, environmental protection  issues is one of the most important factors for the development of a highly efficient company.

Petroleum operations in the contract area are conducted in strict accordance with the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, subject to compliance with zero discharge principle, which guarantees minimal impact on the marine ecosystems. All production and household waste will be taken ashore and disposed of. In addition, environmental monitoring is implemented in the course of work.

Isatay Operating Company LLP undertakes:

  • Conduct its activities in accordance with the requirements of the current environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and comply with the requirements of international legislation and agreements regulating the activities of oil companies;
  • Conduct an environmental impact assessment of any planned economic activity, considering alternatives and choosing the best projects from an environmental and economic point of view;
  • Monitor the environmental performance of its activities in order to reduce environmental impact and improve the efficiency of the environmental management system;
  • Ensure the process of continuous improvement of environmental protection measures, periodically setting and revising target and planned environmental indicators;
  • strive to work without injuries in all workplaces of the Company, not to cause damage to the environment and rationally use natural resources;
  • Perform production operations in accordance with industry standards to ensure technical integrity and safety of work.
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