Compliance is the process of ensuring regulatory compliance

Legal requirements         Ethical norms
Regulatory authorities’ requirements         Business practices
Shareholders’ requirements  

Functions and main objectives of Compliance:

  • Compliance with the RoK laws, external regulatory requirements and best international practices in the anti-corruption issues
  • Compliance with the key anti-bribery principles in accordance with the RoK Anti-bribery Law
  • Anti- bribery
  • Conflict of interest management
  • Effective implementation of anti-bribery measures
  • Identification, assessment and re-assessment of corruption risks
  • Control over employee compliance with the internal anti-bribery procedures and Corporate Code of Ethics

The Partnership’s internal documents to ensure compliance with regulatory anti- bribery requirements:

  • Anti Bribery Policy of the Partnership
  • Policy on Conflict of Interest of the Partnership
  • Policy of Integrity Check of Counterparties of the Partnership
  • Code of Business Ethics Isatay Operating Company LLP
You may report any violations of the Code of Conduct, including any facts of corruption, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations.
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Anti-Bribery Policy.pdf

Policy of Integrity Check of Counterparties.pdf

Policy on Conflict of Interest.pdf

Code of Business Ethics.pdf

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